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Youth Destination is one of the best and fastest-growing civil service coaching in India. We, at Youth Destination, have developed a proven system of teaching to maximize your chance of selection. Our teachers regularly upgrade teaching strategies and study material to bring innovations for a good understanding of the aspirants.  

Furthermore, We also focus on giving personalized attention to each candidate.

If we talk about the fee structure for UPSC preparation in Delhi then it varies from 80k to 1.5 lacs depending on the course that you have chosen. Most of the dedicated aspirants cannot afford such hefty fees. Youth Destination IAS academy offers the best quality study material, faculty members, test series, right guidance and mentorship at a very affordable price.

Our expert teachers and mentors emphasize the critical self-assessment of students. Our IAS courses are planned in a way so that applicants can cover the whole syllabus without any additional payment.

Why do most IAS candidates come to Delhi for UPSC preparation

Delhi is known to produce the greatest number of civil servants. The trend for government jobs especially for civil services or IAS officers has emerged among the youths from all over the country. Therefore, they look out for the best IAS coaching in Delhi.

We, at Youth Destination, aim to convert this competitive talent into efficient bureaucrats. Youth Destination the best IAS coaching in Delhi can be a boon for all those UPSC candidates who are in their initial stage of preparation. 


Why youth destination is the best UPSC coaching in Delhi


  • The institute has immense experience and unmatched teaching strategy and intellectual team of teachers

  • Quality study material according to the latest IAS syllabus and for training for the civil service examination.

  • Unique and tested pedagogy

  • Regular batch, weekend batch evening batch and online classes also

  • Small batch size of 50 students per batch makes the learning process very effective

  • Main focus on coverage of basics and mock test series for prelims and mains exam

  • Good coverage of current affairs with current affairs test series

  • Mock interview sessions

  • Online UPSC Prelims test series and mains test series as well

  • Monthly current affair magazine for preparing UPSC exam current affairs

  • Daily analysis of editorials of The Hindu or Indian express newspaper

  • Seminars or special sessions by previous year toppers and serving bureaucrats.

  • Comprehensive coverage of topics to ensure that candidates focus only on relevant news and acquire the ability to crack the IAS examination fast

  • Our teacher maintain individual attention to everyone and also solve doubts related to each subject or topic as soon as possible

  • Free guest lectures by eminent scholars, exam toppers, senior bureaucrats for the intellectual development of aspirants through their experience.


  • Questions of the test series match the actual standards of each stage of prelims and mains.


How to choose the right IAS coaching in Delhi

As we know the importance of joining the best IAS coaching in Delhi but the next question is how to choose the right IAS coaching in Delhi as every Institute claims itself to be the best.

An Aspirant should keep the following factors in mind before joining any coaching institute for civil service preparation.


  • Talk to the past students at the institute and know about their experience in that Coaching centre. This is one of the best ways to judge the quality of coaching institute


  • The batch size should be small. A limited number of students will help in better learning. Having a large batch size may be difficult for students. They will not get what is being taught.


  • Analyze the review on the internet. It will give you some idea about the coaching institute.

  • The fee structure for IAS coaching in Delhi is very high but many coaching institutes provide affordable options these days. So there is no point in paying a very high fee when you can find the same coaching at an affordable price, so try to avoid paying a very high fee for civil service preparation.


Why Youth Destination


  • Faculty, teaching at the institute has a deep orientation to IAS examination and also have a good experience

  • Youth Destination gives their own study material so that they don't need to purchase other books.

Test series also play an important role in your Civil Service exam preparation. Self-analysis and progress you are making should be evaluated through test series being provided by the coaching institute


  1. What are the average fees of IAS coaching in Delhi?


How to assess the average fees of IAS coaching in Delhi

Clearing the IAS exam is a dream of many students but they don't try their fortune and ability because of the fees required for IAS exam preparation. The cost of IAS coaching in Delhi is of course higher than a decade ago due to the increase in the inflation rate in the nation.


There are many expenses that are involved and have to be analysed in advance to avoid the last-minute hassle. In this article, we will discuss all these factors that you should know for estimating the right cost required for UPSC preparation.


Factors involved in the average fees of IAS exam coaching


IAS exam is one of the most prestigious jobs in the country that gives lifelong financial security, the satisfaction of serving the country and prestige in society. This is the main reason behind the flourishing of coaching institutes for IAS Exam preparation all over the country.


Every year the number of IAS applicants is increasing. So a lot of factors need to be considered like preparation without coaching or the city where the candidate is taking coaching, cost of living or accommodation etc. Let us discuss all these factors in detail, it will definitely help you in predicting the right cost or average free for the preparation of IAS exams.


Average fees for IAS exam preparation

Even a small IAS academy charges around 50 k to 1.5k for the preparation of IAS prelims and mains exam. The charges are separate for optional subject preparation on an average of 30k to 45k. And, you will also need to take part in the test series which will cost separately up to 20k. Moreover, yearly subscriptions to current affairs magazines and newspapers also cost around 5k.


In other words, taking coaching and UPSC study material for the preliminary exam and mains would cost around 2 lakhs to 3 lakhs. This estimate may vary from city to city or place to place.


The first time for the IAS exam is the best because you will have unmatched energy and enthusiasm but this energy decreases as the number of attempts increase and expenses are also a matter to think about. Generally, candidates who shifted to other cities move back to their hometown and don't want to repeat coaching. Therefore, you can reduce expenses by reducing the number of attempts.


Is coaching necessary?

If a candidate decides not to take any coaching and go for self-study then they have to think about many points. No doubt many candidates crack the UPSC exam without taking coaching but it is not possible for all the students because they are not extraordinary. For an average student, coaching is good to ensure focused and plant studies. If you prefer self-study because you want isolation and stay away from distractions you can also join online coaching at an affordable fee.


UPSC coaching is available online for which you will need to buy the video lectures of renowned faculties. Youth Destination offers interactive video lectures and candidates also get their doubts solved easily.


Best place of preparation


Fee structure and expenses incurred for preparing for the IAS exam depend on the city where you are planning to live. There are many aspirants from small towns where there are no coaching institutes for the preparation of the IAS exam. Therefore, such students move to metro cities like Delhi to prepare for achieving their dreams. No doubt, when you move to another city it also includes the cost of living such as room, meals, water, light bills, transportation etc.


Delhi is considered the hub of the best coaching institute for the preparation of the IAS exams. Most of the IAS coaching institutes are located in Mukherjee Nagar where the cost of living is quite high around 12,000 a month.

However, if you think that your financial limitation would not allow you to take the best IAS coaching in Delhi you may also consider some other options like online classes that cost you less than offline classes.



If you dream of becoming an IAS officer then choosing the best IAS Coaching in Delhi is a key factor that can bring you closer to your dream. Therefore, invest in the right IAS coaching in Delhi institute to shape your future and attain your goals. 

Best of luck!!



  1. Which coaching institute is best for IAS


Every student at some point requires a mentor in their IAS journey who can guide them and push them to achieve their desired goal. You need a helping hand in order to fulfil your goal of becoming an IAS officer. 


Fortunately, in Delhi, there are many coaching institutes. Each coaching institute has its own USPs and all you need to do is choose the right one. As you all know, lakhs of students try their luck in civil services every year. It is actually the most competitive exam and you may be overwhelmed with the number of perks and benefits it comes with. Today, we will introduce the best IAS coaching in Delhi so that you can shortlist if you think they will guide you in your IAS preparation. Let us start.


List of best IAS coaching

Considering the right IAS coaching in Delhi is an essential part of UPSC preparation while finding the right Institute. You need to keep in mind various factors like fees, reviews, success rate, content, accessibility and much more. These are the top 5 institutes located in Delhi.


  1. Youth Destination IAS academy

  2. Vedanta IAS academy

  3. Plutus IAS academy 

  4. Yojana IAS coaching 

  5. ALS coaching institute



Youth Destination is IAS academy

You need personal mentors who value your performance and results and keep you on track. Youth Destination, the best IAS coaching in Delhi even offers free demo classes so what are you waiting for?


Youth Destination is a premier IAS coaching in Delhi dedicated to training students appearing for the civil services examination. We have years of experience in guiding aspirants successfully for this prestigious exam. 


Our expert faculty have developed techniques and methods for cutting the learning curve because year on year we get to interact with thousands of young candidates. Our experienced teachers make sure that the method of teaching should be completely oriented on examination lines. Our basic approach is about the previous year's question papers as the examination trends change every year. 

Youth Destination has made it to the list as the number one coaching institute. Our IAS course focuses on both prelims and mains exam considering General Studies papers, current affairs and CSAT exam.


Our IAS course

Our IAS course is a comprehensive full-time course where we guide candidates and teach them every aspect of the civil service examination. This course includes study material, UPSC test series and classroom lectures. 


Prelims test series

We at Youth Destination conduct prelims test series for the IAS exam. There are multiple benefits to enrolling in prelims test series; it induces discipline, a sense of focus and regulation in a candidate's preparation. 



The strategy of Youth Destination IAS academy


  • Exam-oriented classroom coaching and indispensable study material

  • Interactive learning and accountable process.

  • Aspirants are given practice questions which they answer for evolution by our expert teachers.

  • Youth destination current affair magazine and decisive value to the candidates' preparation.

  • Our candidates are given the right study material for IAS preparation.

  • We provide analysed current events contained in the Hindu or Indian express newspaper



Youth Destination not only offers IAS prelims and mains coaching but also seeks to build a competitive mindset along with a sound academic and quality teaching base. You can definitely trust this one with outstanding reviews.

We aim to provide high-quality education and direction to developing minds. The success mantra is knowing about the vast syllabus of the IAS exam and finishing it through time management. 


Our experienced team has successfully cleared their competitive exams so that they can lead the candidates in the right direction.

Youth Destination is a fairly new coaching institute and manage to earn a good ranking in a quicker manner


You should definitely check it out due to its high placement success rate of about 60% for IAS candidates.

We have an outstanding team of highly qualified leaders that have a positive impact on their candidates. We offer detailed study material and an impressive collection of mock tests. Undoubtedly, Youth Destination IAS academy is the ideal forum for all the candidates especially for those who cannot afford high fees for IAS preparation as our fee structure is low compared to others.


Our IAS program is considered to be unique as there are a variety of courses. The batch size is smaller and candidates also have access to study material, library facilities.


  1. Which are the total fee of UPSC


Every year lakhs of candidates from all states come to Delhi to pursue IAS coaching in Delhi. 

It is clear because of the high quality of teaching and experience of coaching institutes available here. If you want to know the total fees of UPSC then you are at the right place. UPSC coaching fees in Delhi varies from one Institute to another. However, a good coaching centre charges between 100000 to 300000 for whole civil service preparation.



IAS coaching fees in Delhi

You must research many things like accommodation, food, rent etc during your stay. No doubt this will be an investment for your future but every candidate cannot afford it. Normally, living in Delhi is quite costly.

For example a one year course costs between 3 lacs to 4 lacs including the cost of your accommodation, food and other expenses. The fee structure of IAS coaching in Delhi may be changed at any time so you should directly contact the Coaching centre to know the lowest fees price.

Total fees of ias coaching in delhi the best IAS coaching in Delhi depends on the course that you have chosen, the duration of that course and other facilities like library, hostel etc. 


The fee structure for UPSC preparation may be between 1 lakh to 3 lakh and this is a huge amount not affordable by every candidate but don't worry we will help you to find an affordable UPSC coaching institute. Youth Destination is an affordable IAS coaching centre in Delhi to start your preparation under a budget.


Other expenses

Apart from the coaching fees candidates also need a general allowance of 12000 to 15000 per month.


Youth Destination is India's well-reputed Institute to prepare candidates for civil service examination at all three stages.


Students get access to UPSC preliminary test series, UPSC main examination test series and mock interview sessions. Our institute has been providing result-oriented Best coaching for UPSC with affordable fee structure.


Expenses in IAS exam preparation


Hefty fees of the best IAS coaching in Delhi and living expenses in metro cities discourage the IAS aspirants from coming to the exam hubs for preparation. But the long-term attractive benefit attached with the civil services is the main reason behind the success of these educational hubs.


Expenses vary with the place or the city of preparation that you have to choose for example expenditure of common basic necessities like rent, meal,electricity, water and transportation is very expensive in metro cities like New Delhi compared to other cities.

A single room with all facilities including rent, food and electricity is around 10k in Mukherjee Nagar. Moreover, there are certainly other expenses living in a new city apart from coaching institute fees.


Many candidates have opted for online classes in the past few years. It is not only convenient but also an attractive option to prepare from home. Applicants can concentrate more on studies without worrying about basic facilities. You will need only a good internet connection and 

work hard to achieve your goal.

Undoubtedly, online coaching is cheaper than going all the way to a new city to take coaching. Youth Destination offers good online coaching study material and comprehensive test series that can be adapted anytime.


There are numerous coaching centers in Delhi for IAS Exam preparation but very few of them provide proper guidance and teaching of the whole syllabus of the IAS exam. Many of them just earn money so when you come to study in a different city you should join a top-rated coaching institute. Every major IAS course coaching demands more than 1 lakh. The whole fees for UPSC range between 1.5 lakh to 2 lakh. Apart from coaching fees, candidates also need study material like all standard books, current affairs monthly magazines, daily newspaper, printed notes and solved papers for all subjects.


Why Youth Destination

Youth Destination helps to crack the IAS exam in the first attempt as the first is always the best attempt. You can see the energy and enthusiasm decrease with every attempt and the expenses increase. Hence, if you are a beginner in the IAS preparation journey then you need more guidance because you are new to the concept of preparing for this exam.


Many candidates move back home and continue their studies from home by the time they reach their second or third attempts. They spend money on current affairs material, test series to brush up their skills before the examination. Some students also choose the crash courses or online courses to keep their IAS preparation on track.


  1. Which is the No 1 IAS coaching in India


Delhi is considered to be one of the premier and leading hubs for IAS preparation. It is natural to have some of the best IAS coaching and training centres in Delhi being a metro city and the capital of the country but it can be overwhelming for the student to choose the right option among the numerous coaching institutes. 


Don't worry! We'll guide you about the best IAS coaching in Delhi and give you all the information you would need.

Cracking the IAS exam is really a tough job as it is considered to be one of the toughest examinations in the country. UPSC conducts this examination to recruit higher-ranking civil service professionals such as IAS, IPS, IRS and other civil services. 

The objective of the IAS examination is to bring out the best minds to take over one of the most important services of the nation.


IAS examination highlights

Civil Service exam is conducted in 3 phases namely preliminary examination, main examination and personality test or interview. Approx 1 million aspirants apply every year for the IAS exam and out of which roughly 500000 candidates appeared for the preliminary examination.


Candidates must have a bachelor's degree from any recognised University and must be a citizen of India. The age limit is 21 to 30 years of age for the general category, for OBC candidates the upper limit is 35 years and for SC & ST candidates the upper age limit is 37 years.


Best IAS academy in Delhi

Youth Destination is known to provide the most premium coaching to UPSC aspirants. This is one of the best IAS coaching in Delhi that focuses on mentorship programs and the right guidance to crack the IAS exam with flying colours every year. 

We not only prepare candidates for theory but also for the Practical round of interviews. Undoubtedly, the IAS exam needs constant guidance therefore our teachers leave no stone unturned for that.


Why Delhi for IAS preparation 

  • Delhi is a good place for IAS preparation as most premium institutes for IAS coaching institutes like Youth Destination are here.

  • Availability of the best teachers in the country to provide the right guidance

  • First-hand experience from previous year toppers

  • Availability of quality study material



Youth Destination institutes perspective

Youth destination has emerged as the best UPSC coaching centre in Delhi by our students time and again. It has always been our motive to provide world-class facilities to the aspirants and enable them to prepare for the IAS exam.

We have a team of faculty with very well experienced and they know exactly how to fulfil the candidate's requirements. It is only a myth that aspirants cannot crack the IAS exam on the first attempt. You can certainly clear the exam on the first attempt with the right guidance and good preparation. Moreover, it is also important you focus on the appropriate methods along with smart study.


As we all know, even if you crack the prelims and mains exam, clearing the personal interview is not an easy task. You must need to be confident enough. Therefore, it is our duty to provide the candidates with personality development classes or mock test interview sessions. We ensure that the UPSC interview does not become a problem and you appear in the interview to be well versed.


What makes Youth Destination number 1 IAS coaching institute in Delhi


We have been preparing IAS aspirants for a decade and our expert teachers serve as our greatest confidence. They help to train candidates better and make them well prepared.

We at Youth Destination have a faculty team highly experienced in their relative field. They pay proper attention to the development of each aspirant besides knowledge proficiency.

Moreover, the batch size is moderate therefore teaching sessions become more effective and intensive.

Candidates must have access to premium study material and mock test series to prepare in the right direction. We conduct mock test series on a regular basis so that they can examine their preparation level.


It is our prerogative to train our aspirants to the best of our capability, a well-known IAS coaching in Delhi. You have all the reasons to consider Youth Destination academy if you are searching for the best IAS coaching in Delhi. So contact our career counsellor or visit the institute for the best consultation.

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